Free events, done better

A word from Stef, founder of Makeshift, on why we built Attending.
The perfect tool for your free event.

I love going to events. I love meeting new people and having great conversations. We’ve built Attending for people who feel the same way. We want to help people organise and attend great events that do that. Meet-ups, lectures, mixers: free events that are all about meeting people and having conversations.

At Makeshift we’ve been doing this a lot - we host our own events that we think would be useful, and by doing that we've built a mailing list of people who are interested in what we’re doing. We think other businesses should do the same.

The tools we found to organise free events seemed to be different to what we needed. Some don’t let you get the email addresses of the people who are attending, so you’re locked into their service; others have so many features that they’re overkill for organising something really simple; most want to up-sell you into becoming a paid-for event so they can make money; some have great features but look really ugly; most require a login and password and for attendees to “make a profile”… so we went back to first principles and made the tiniest, simplest, most pragmatic, easiest-to-get-going-with, easiest-to-say-I’m-attending event page app we could think of.

Attending helps you as a business owner or startup to build a network of people around what you’re doing. Everyone knows that gaining those first thousand fans, customers or users is crucial for an early stage company, and because Attending plays well with others (Twitter, Facebook, Mailchimp, Intercom, Google Apps) you’re building your audience in your own way.

Attending is a really stripped-down service. It doesn’t have all the features, and that’s on purpose. We’ve kept everything simple. You probably couldn’t run a big thousand-person conference using this, but there are plenty of apps for that kind of thing already. We want to help you to organise a regular after work meetup series, or a free seminar, or a meal out with peers, or indeed put on any kind of small, free, useful event.

So, here’s Attending. Have a go, I think you‘ll like it.

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