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I love going to events. I love hosting them too. But whenever I went to make a page for people to say they were attending, I’d always come across the same problems. Why are event page websites so clunky? Why do they have all these features that I don't need? And sometimes, why don't they let me see the email addresses of the people I've gathered together?

So I built the simplest, easiest-to-say-I’m-attending app I could think of to solve those problems. Attending is the result — a simple tool to make an attractive mini website for your event with a focus on experience and design.

It helps you build a network for what you’re doing, and it plays well with others. Your community can attend through whatever social profile they prefer, so you’re building your audience in your own way.

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Get a versatile home that's at the centre of your community, not ours. Your attendees, your data. Yours to export when you need it.

As someone who sets up their fair share of events, I need tools that make this process as pain-free as possible. Attending makes promoting an event quick, easy and presentable within a matter of minutes.

Neil Murray
The Nordic Web Ventures

RSVP from any platform, any device

It grows with your audience, whether they're on Facebook or never leave LinkedIn.

You can keep it simple or add neat extras—speakers, sponsors, even your own markup.


With Attending we can create an event in under a minute, the attendees can see who's coming to the event, and the design is gorgeous - try it!

Emil Wallnér
Deep learning student at 42 Paris

No complicated forms

Make a rough sketch of your event, start inviting people, and fill in the details later.

If you're not sure on numbers, venue or even the date, don't sweat it. Figure out how big it could be and go from there.

It’s fast. You can make an event super attractive in a minute. Love love love it.

Helen Crozier
Founder, Keyboard Karma
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