Agile on the bench 12

location Arnold Circus | 12:30 PM-1:30 PM Wednesday 27 April 2016 (BST)

An outdoor agile meet up, on a bench

YAY! Agile on the Bench

What to expect:

  • It's in a park on a bench
  • we'll schedule two speakers who talk for 10min
  • after the scheduled speakers anyone can step forwards to do an up to 5 min talk
  • there is no laptops or projectors, so no power point, keynote or prezi
  • it’s free to attend and nobody is paid for speaking
  • you should bring your own lunch and some warm clothes
  • we'll move to the covered bandstand if it rains
  • Read about previous events here

Please sign up if you are coming, so we can contact you on the day with bench updates.


  • Michael

    Talk details: It's rare for a developer to get their hands on a greenfield project. Most of us will find ourselves on legacy codebases, most of the time. When dealing with this we all too often assume the previous developers were incompetent, and are happy to tell anyone who will listen. But what if we tried to put ourselves in their shoes instead? Might we find empathy with their situation, and might this give everyone a better experience?

  • Julia Bellis

    Talk details: Uncertainty (and how winter swimming has helped me embrace it): Waterfall processes tried and failed to eliminate uncertainty from digital development. Agile permits degrees of uncertainty within limits. When we applied agile principles to product discovery the lack of knowledge and certainty seemed overwhelming, but by embracing it and switching off the urge to race to an answer we achieve better outcomes. Regular dips in freezing cold water has been a useful, safe and fun way to practise dealing with uncertain outcomes.



Arnold Circus

Arnold Circus, London E2 7JS, UK

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