Agile on the Bench 15

location Arnold Circus | 12:30 PM-1:30 PM Wednesday 27 July 2016 (BST)

A friendly, low-fi, lunchtime, outdoor agile meet-up ... on a bench

Agile on the Bench, the best lunchtime, outdoor agile meetup.

What to expect

  • it’s in a park on a bench (with a bandstand in case it rains)
  • it's low tech, there are no laptops or projectors, just the speakers and their awesome ideas
  • it’s free to attend and nobody is paid for speaking

The talks

  • we schedule two speakers who have up to 10mins (and 5mins for questions)
  • after the scheduled speakers we have Agile question time, a chance for you to ask our wonderful attendees any question you have about agile. Think of them as your agile agony aunts and uncles.

What to bring

  • yourself
  • some lunch
  • your agile curiosity
  • appropriate clothing for the weather

Read about previous events here

Please sign up if you are coming, so we can contact you on the day with bench updates.

Agile on the Bench is:

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  • Hannah Steedman

    Self-Organise! What do you lose when you ditch hierarchy? - In our drive to self-organise, do we always take the time to understand what we might also lose? What are the benefits of a hierarchy, not just to the higher ups but even those at the bottom, and can acknowledging them improve the support of our teams in a transition away from top-down management?

  • David Leach

    The 5 languages of love - We talk passionately as coaches about motivation, autonomy and purpose. Using techniques such as Belbin and Myers Briggs but how much of a factor is our love language and how much would knowing someone's love language change how you work with them, show them appreciation and empathise?



Arnold Circus

Arnold Circus, London E2 7JS, UK

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