Agile Learning Facilitation (ALF) Weekends

location Sunshine House, Chalkida, Evia Island, Greece | 4 PM Friday 19 January — 4 PM Sunday 21 January 2018 (EEST)

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Sunshine House and Nature Play are excited to announce a mini series of Agile Learning Facilitation (ALF) Weekend family workshops on Evia Island this Autumn.

What is an ALF Weekend?

​An ALF Weekend is a gentle but powerful "taste and see" experience for people who want to facilitate intentional culture creation and self-directed education.

Our brand new taster weekends offer children and adults an immersive, playful experience of Agile Learning Facilitation. We also hope they will serve as an incubator for an emerging network of Self-Directed Education projects in Greece, coordinated in collaboration with EUDEC Greece.

What is Agile Learning?

Agile Learning Centers (ALC) restore the joy of learning with a surprisingly effective educational approach: intentional culture supporting self-directed learning reinforced by agile management tools.

Nature Play ALC is part of an exponentially growing educational model designed to embrace all the complexity and unpredictability of our modern world! This is an emerging network of parents and educators who share tools, practices, and resources to help create an education system that is economically, ecologically and culturally adapted to our region of North Evia.

Do you want to transform education as we know it?

  • It’s for parents and professionals who are looking for radical and practical ways to transform education at home and in the world.

  • It’s for social entrepreneurs and change-makers interested in starting an ALC, a Democratic School, a Self-Directed homeschool group, or afterschool programme.

How does it work?

  • This educational start-up model is self-funding! We ask for a minimum contribution of €50 per adult and €30 per child for residential participants, and €20 per adult and €10 per child if you wish to attend for one day only. This workshop fee is inclusive of project coordination and logistics, workshop facilitation, food and accommodation, with a profit margin of 5 - 10% reinvested in growing the Agile Learning Facilitation movement, both locally on Evia and across Greece.
  • Every ALF Weekend has a capacity of approx. 25 - 40 participants, including agile learners of all ages!
  • After a brief introduction, we'll spend 2 full days practicing with our Agile Learning toolkit - so be prepared to "learn by doing"!
  • Accommodation options at Sunshine House include dormitory beds, family-sized rooms and camping pitches, as well as a variety of off-site options in the surrounding area. With plenty of advance notice, we'll do our best to find the perfect solution for every participant.

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