Alone as One Meetup

location Montreal | 12 PM-5 PM Saturday 12 May 2018 (EDT)

RSVP here to be assigned to one of three groups. On the day of the event, your group's meetup location will be assigned. We will be meeting at one of three Tim Hortons locations, that have been assigned randomly by a Random Map Point Generator.

By RSVPing here, you confirm your presence and that you wish to be assigned to a group. Since LoneCore as an activity is done when you are alone, we will disperse from each location and from there, you can either ghost, or come back to upload your photos. There is no need to come back to meet at that location, it is just simply a place to start. The reason the event is for 5 hours is to accommodate people who may be late, or cannot come at 12 noon. You should explore the area around the meet-up point. You can go as far as you wish by foot or bike, but you should take photos within the area so that we can all see on the group page each person in the groups perspective and findings in the same location.

You will be assigned to Group 1, 2, or 3 by a group number assigning website. RSVPing will be closed on Friday the 11th, at midnight. Please RSVP before the closing date.



Montreal, QC, Canada

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