You're invited to a special VIP event: Amcham-Brazil Entrepreneurship Mission to the USA - hosted by Katapult Group

location Atlanta Tech Village | 6 PM-8:30 PM Monday 23 March 2015 (EST)

Let's show them why international tech companies "Choose Atlanta"! - Amcham-Brazil's Entrepreneurship Mission is coming to Atlanta

On March 23rd @KatapultGroup is hosting a visit by the Brazil-Amcham’s Entrepreneurship Mission (the largest American chamber organization in the world). The mission is about 15-25 people from both fast growth and more established/sizable Brazilian firms and they are coming to see us to learn more about how to successfully do business in the USA. In addition to visiting Atlanta, they will meet with Boston and NYC organizations such as MIT, HubSpot and Endeavor.

We need your help to show them why international tech companies should "Choose Atlanta"!

Supporters for the event include:

Atlanta VC's and Angel investors, Atlanta serial entrepreneurs, City and State leadership, The Consulate of Brazil, Invest in Atlanta, Local startups owned by foreign founders, Atlanta based Brazilian enterprise companies, The Atlanta Tech Village, a number of the Partners and Directors at some of the City's leading Professional Services firms, TAG, MIT Enterprise Forum members, CEO High Tech Council members, Select Atlanta Tech Village companies, ATDC Leadership and Companies, GA Tech Leadership, Leadership from a number of local Incubators and select companies, relevant press, and C-suite//VP/Directors from Big Corporate in Atlanta (Coke, UPS, others).

We look forward to be seeing you!

See our press release below.

PRESS RELEASE - Katapult Group joins Hubspot, Endeavor and MIT in hosting the Brazilian Entrepreneurship Mission to the USA.

Katapult Group will share its expertise from helping over 300 firms enter and grow in the US-market.

Atlanta, GA - March 10, 2015

Katapult Group will share its expertise from helping over 300 firms enter and grow in the US-market.

Katapult Group, a global business building firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA is privileged to announce that it is hosting a delegation of Brazilian technology enabled companies selected for Amcham's Entrepreneurship Mission. Katapult Group will be sharing its experiences with having helped over 300 international firms with assessing and growing in the US-market. Katapult Group is amongst a distinguished group of organizations, including HubSpot, Endeavor and MIT to be visited by the Brazilian delegation.

About Amcham’s Entrepreneurship Mission

The AmCham will provide the Brazilian executives to immerse themselves in some of the most innovative cases in the US market during the Commercial Entrepreneurship Mission, 21-28 March. The agenda will enable training and strategic networking with investors, entrepreneurs, researchers and accelerators, in cities such as Atlanta, Boston and New York. Participants will include businessmen and executives of Brazilian companies of all sizes and sectors. The program focuses on the benchmark of marketing, management, and internationalization of business. The goal is to put the participants in contact with new technologies and projects in these areas.

In Boston, the agenda includes World SA Brazilian, American Hubspot, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and IEC (International Entrepreneurship Center).

In New York, there will be meetings in the Endeavor and Alpargatas office. The Embraco and Weg Brazil are in programming of Atlanta, as well as Katapult Group.

Atlanta is considered the 13th best city in the world for foreign investment and the third highest concentration of businesses listed among the 500 largest US companies.

About Amcham

Amcham-Brasil was founded in 1919 and has always played an active role in the country’s business environment. The role performed by the organization has attracted virtually all American companies with operations in Brazil, as well as multinationals from over 40 countries and a great number of large size Brazilian companies. As a result, Amcham-Brasil is now the biggest among the 104 American Chambers there are in the world. The key main purpose of Amcham is to strongly support the free enterprise system ("For a better business environment") as well as to promote the strengthening of Brazil / U.S. economic and commercial relationship. Amcham-Brasil has approximately five thousand member companies and has offices in 13 Brazilian cities - Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Joinville (SC), Campinas, São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, Belo Horizonte, Uberlândia, Goiânia, Brasília, Campo Grande, Salvador and Recife -, having a nationwide level of representativeness.

About Katapult Group

Katapult Group leverages technology and relationships to accelerate growth.

Emphasizing the US-market, Katapult Group's Growth division helps international technology enabled firms grow their business. We partner with our clients to become their trusted advisor, operating unit and sales & marketing organization. Katapult Group's technology group works with companies to assess and implement technology that helps them drive an increase in revenues, cut cost or further delight customers. We seek to identify areas in our clients' businesses where technology can add significant value, then we go find it, or we build it. Katapult Ventures works with entrepreneurs to start and grow companies that have global potential. Our areas of interest include: Products and services that make market expansion better, faster, cheaper or more convenient; We are also looking for solutions that create value for globally distributed teams. Visit Katapult Group's business building blog here: SuccessInTheUSA.

For more information on Katapult Group, Amcham or the Entrepreneurship Mission please email:


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