location Karaoke DUET 48 | 2 PM-8 PM Saturday 16 November 2019 (EST)

amélie’s pre-birthday karaoke marathon

What is this? 🌀
Hi all! This is super simple. My birthday is on November 25, but y’all will likely be out-of-town for family obligations (curses to being born the day after Thanksgiving).

What are we doing? 🎤
Celebrating Black-not-cracking with yours truly by indulging in a celebratory karaoke marathon on 11/16.

Cost 🤑
It’s $16 (not including tax and tip) for the entire marathon and you can order food there. You can come at anytime, but you’ll be expected to pay the $16 flat fee, which be around $20, including tax and tip.

Songs 🎵
Available song choices are English, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

Dinner 🥘
I was thinking, if you stay to the end, we could do dinner after nearby.

Gifts 🎁
Please do not get/bring me gifts. I’m picky and you will be disappointed with my reaction. Your presence and sharing this experience with you is enough of a gift to me. 💝

Other Notes 🗒️
This marathon does have some guard rails and expectations. Please read the wonderful Catt Small’s “Karaoke code of conduct” before attending.

Our reservation confirmation # is: 484791


Karaoke DUET 48

304 E 48th St, New York, NY 10017, USA

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