:: A community dinner for guests of the Red Victorian ::

We are a community run experimental hotel which means that we are excited to see how humans are together. Sunday evening experimental dinners are an experience that brings you closer to understanding the questions around human behaviour and collectivity.

Here are the rules, and how to play :)

: There are only 16 spaces open for this dinner. 

: In order to attend, you must rsvp by Thursday 7th Feb. Dinner will be vegetarian (if you are vegan or have other dietary restrictions, please let me know when you rsvp and we will try to accommodate you).

: You can bring a friend but they must rsvp separately and you might be seated apart for the game.

: We need exactly 16 for this to work so please don't bring extra people, or cancel at the very last minute (unless you really have to of course - we will survive!)

: Please arrive at 6pm on the dot. On your arrival you will be randomly assigned to one of two dinner tables. 

: The first 30 minutes is “Tea and Testing” - you will be served hot (decaffeinated) tea and fill out some basic questions about yourself so that you can participate in the experiment. This information tells us about yourself, your behavior, choices and decisions.

: Dinner itself begins at 7pm and dinner is the experiment so we can’t tell you anymore. Nothing unpleasant will happen, it should be fun! You will enjoy dinner as you would any other dinner.

: After dinner, we will ask you two fill out another round of questions. 
:: During desert we will explain to you the premise of the experiment and you will get a chance to design the experimental dinner for guests of the Red Victorian who come next week!

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