Annual Bunchies Vol. 2!

location Outdoors | 11 AM-5 PM Friday 17 January 2020 (+04)

Welcome to the only bunch event for the year!

Hey there, you've been missed. I know, I know, this past year has been a certain kind of special. You've been creating, sharing, and generally being awesome. We can tell, because people are drawn to your generous spirit, curious heart, and your warm soul.

So we figured we'd bring your favourite bunchies together, to a green space, with bunchie music, warm conversations to recharge your soul battery…..and food! this time we'll need food!

The location will have a small coffee shop if you'd like to share or buy food it, you can also bring a small dish to share.

To keep it warm, we'll keep it small. 24 tickets, for 24 people. Sign up to the newsletter to learn more about how to get your ticket.

See you soon! Bunchie

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