Antidisciplinarathon at Topos

location 2311 Diamond St | 4 PM-7 PM Sunday 13 August 2017 (PST)

When I think about the "space" that we've created, I like to think about a huge piece of paper that represents "all science." The disciplines are little black dots on this paper. The massive amounts of white space between the dots represent antidisciplinary space.

—the MIT Media Lab’s antidisciplinary manifesto

Let's swim in that white space. Come to the Topos antidisciplinarathon, an experimental event where we'll pair you with people in your "antidisciplines." Your group will have 90 minutes to make something strange and surprising and five minutes to present your work, with time to discuss over dinner afterward.

Will you create a paper abstract, a drawing, a proof, installation art, performance art, a dance, an idea for a study, a real experiment, a tiny tool, a zine, an idea for an open problem to tackle, a proposed solution to a problem, a demo of a prototype, or something we couldn't have imagined beforehand? You might stumble on a line of research that you—or someone in the audience—could work on for years.

Come through! And fill out this two-minute survey ahead of time so we can match you with other attendees, who we hope will represent a diverse set of disciplines including art, the humanities, the sciences, computer science, and math. Feel free to invite friends!


This event is inspired by the Rhizome 7-on-7, which pairs 7 artists with 7 technologists and asks each pair to make a piece in 24 hours and present it.

According to the paper "Atypical Combinations and Scientific Impact," many of the most cited papers lie in atypical “antidisciplinary” spaces.

Can we collectively spark an idea as good as “Could a neuroscientist understand a microprocessor”?

More about the venue:


2311 Diamond St

2311 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA 94131, USA

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