Applewood Road Vinyl Playback

Applewood Road Vinyl Playback

Classic Album Sundays in association with Gearbox Records and Welcome to 1979 presents "Applewood Road" – a high class vinyl album playback session of the test pressing of the as-yet unreleased debut album from songwriters Emily Barker, Amy Speace and Amber Rubarth.

Experience the retro vibe of Nashville’s coolest studio, Welcome to 1979. Listen to an audiophile vinyl pressing on a high class hifi system (provided by HiFiBuys Nashville).

Applewood Road isn’t a “classic album” yet, but it was certainly recorded in classic fashion – performed live in the studio around a single microphone, recorded and mixed directly to two track analogue tape. The tapes were assembled and the lacquers cut at London’s most exclusive high-end mastering suite, Gearbox Records, and the vinyl was pressed at Optimal Media in Germany, widely considered one of the best vinyl pressing plants in the world.

The album also features session contributions from some of Nashville’s finest players, including Fats Kaplin, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Jabe Beyer, Josh Day and Telisha Williams.

Classic Album Sundays is a communal, audiophile listening experience that outgrew its creator’s home and is now one of the world’s most recognised record clubs. Its mission is to lead music lovers back in to the world of listening to a full album in its entirety, on the best sound systems available.

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