✨ April Karaoke Fun Timez ✨

location Karaoke Duet 35 | 7 PM-10 PM Thursday 14 April 2016 (EST)

Let‘s karoakeeee!

Let's sing like merry fools and stuffs! You can order small noms at Duet 35 or you can have food delivered to the room. 😁

They also have various adult beverages, if yer into that. 🍺🍷🍸🍹

Details you might want to know

We'll be in a private room at Karaoke Duet, so we can sing as many songs as we want! They have Japanese, English, and Korean songs.

Cost of karaoke:
$6.00 per person 🎤

For 3 hours of singing (from 7 PM-10 PM), you’ll need to budget around $18.00 for karaoke. Come and go as you please, please leave money for the hour you choose to come. 💸


Karaoke Duet 35

53 W 35th St, New York, NY 10001, United States

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