April's Python NE Meet up - Testing in Python 

This month Alex (@ajkavanagh) will tell us why he loves test driven development (TDD) so, and how to go about it in Python.

We will have the usual code dojo, so come armed with some problems - it'd be particularly good if you could think of some that lend themselves to TDD!

Pizza from the ever generous @sharperecruit.

PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOW AT @ignite100's Campus North

Campus North, Sunco House, 5 Carliol Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 6UF


I have some ideas for the code dojo that are (hopefully) doable in the time allowed.

If you do want to participate then I would suggest:

  1. If you want play along during the talk: https://github.com/ajkavanagh/PythonNE-TDD-Example

  2. For doing the dojo: Make a new virtualenv (if on a Mac/Linux. Not sure what you do on Windows!) This isn’t mandatory, but it is useful to have a fresh environment that doesn’t involve any other modules you’re working on.

  3. pip install nose

  4. For extra credit (http://falcao.it/sure/intro.html): pip install sure

  5. Have a browser page open at the following page for reference: https://docs.python.org/2/library/unittest.html

  6. Create a simple project with: / tests/ init.py

The init.py is a blank file (touch init.py on a nix machine) just to make ‘tests’ a module.

Don’t try to read everything beforehand! See you tonight :)

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