Antony Young's Retirement

location London | 26th January 2019 (To be confirmed)

Hello All,

I hope this email finds you well!

As some of you are aware Antony Young is retiring on the 19th of November this year after many years in the field of Photobiology.

We would like to organise a retirement party. There is likely to be a St John's Institute organised retirement do but I know that Antony would also like to have an occasion where he gets to meet many of the people who he has worked with over the years including former employees, PhD students and esteemed colleagues. Hopefully this would entail fun weekend in London with lots of old friends, a meal and potentially a few after dinner stories/anecdotes/drinks.

Venue and even the date is not fixed yet but I thought I would get this email off to get a feel for interest and make some progress to fixing them. December is normally a bit of a nightmare month to organise anything with Xmas parties etc and venues are likely to be booked up. So we are looking at the last weekend of January ie 26th depending on availability of people and Antony himself.

Once I know rough numbers we can book the venue. Suggestion for the latter welcome.

I going to set up a Huddle/sharepoint webspace so that people can find out what the latest situation is. If you reply to this then I will invite you.

It would be good to know one if you are one of the following 1. Interested in attending 2. Not available/not interested 3. Not available that day but keep me posted.

Please feel free to cascade onto anyone you may think might be interested in attending but for the moment can we limit this to former employees, PhDs, co-authors and collaborators. If someone is other than this then please let me know first. The intention is to have those attending to be all the people he has enjoyed working with over the years, of which there are many . If you do forward then please cc me and then at least I have a copy of their email addresses.

I've listed everyone below that I have email addresses for and some names which I don't . I'll use the Huddle space to keep everyone posted on invitees and who is up for attending.

I'm busy this evening but have put aside tomorrow evening and this weekend to deal with any queries you may have, sort out potential offers of venues and to catch up with old friends - happy to take calls till late.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Best regards,



London, UK

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