location 310 Court St | 8 AM Saturday 21 June — 2 PM Sunday 22 June 2014 (EST)

Boat, Bikes, BBQ, Beach, Bouncy Castle, Board Games


Recently the MBTA did something completely unexpected. The World’s Most Beautiful Commute (TM) is now available to weekenders. This announcement immediately sparked an idea in my brain: B is for Boat. And Bikes, and lots of other things I like.


So grab your Bike. Meet at Rowes Wharf, just near the aquarium. 8 AM. Or sometime early like that – we’ll figure it out. Slap on your HubSpot bib, grab some water… ALL ABOARD. Don’t forget morning eats.

Exit the boat and meet your cycling guide, Alejandro Cocinero del Bosque.

Yo soy un aninito.

Clip in your helmet straps and prepare to RIDE. Take the leisurely, direct 29 mile route. Or GET ON IT and commit to the full 45 along the water (including Jerusalem Road in Cohasset, rated one of the top 100 running roads in the US of A).

Pedal yourself on down to Plymouth.


Pulled pork. Mac and Cheese. Cornbread-stuffed hot peppers. Vegetarian options. FEAST.


Throw what you want in the back of our Jeep. Then


Somewhere between the beach and boogie we'll return to our place to shower, eat, drink and be merry.

At this point we'll make burgers or something like that (TBD).

For those of you who want to go next level, I'm doing special orders for Porterhouse steaks from the butcher next door. It's 1.5lbs of full steak glory and feeds two people… or one very hungry person.


Clear the couches, the rug, hook up all 3 boom boxes and let's boogie.


This was previously the 6th B but I've replaced it with Boogie. Should we feel up for board games instead: None of the board games I have begin with B, so fuck it: Catan, Ticket to Ride, Cards against Humanity, Connect 4, Cranium… if we make it to board game stage we have achieved our goal.

PS The B4 is available to those who don't want to pedal.

PSS There is enough room here to sleep 15 people. If more people want to stay we can figure out some plans!


310 Court St

310 Court St, Plymouth, MA 02360, USA

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