Beer Tasting 101

Interactive introduction to craft beer and beer tasting

Listen, you are here because you a) Don't like beer but you think it's kinda cool (we all gotta start somewhere… we can help) b) like beer and want to know more about it c) love beer and want to expand your knowledge & taste experiences d) are a craft beer geek (you know the score) e) you stumbled on this page randomly (sign up, you won't regret it)

We will give you 6 craft beers from around the world to sniff, sip, sup and savour. With Jullien's expert tuition you'll discover all about how you can get the most out of enjoying your tipple. As it's our first event we're ticketing this event at bargain prices of £12.50… this price doesn't even cover the cost of the beer you'll be drinking!

It's all about you and the beer. We won't stick to pre-scripted notes or presentations, it will be interactive, engaging and enormous fun.

Pls follow the link to discover you passion for craft beer:


2 chaps. One posh, one French. Opposite nationalities, shared animosity through history, but mutual passion for craft beer. We're here to stick two digits up to bland, homogenous lager and we want you to drink better beer!

Julien (The French one) has been in the beverage industry his whole life, the past 9 years of which he has been serving Londonites the best wine and beer he can get his Frog-mits on. He has a piece of paper which says he is a celler-master. This is a big deal in France apparently.

Charlie has a passion for beer and is on a mission to outlaw crap, tasteless lager. Kind of like Robin Hood, if Robin Hood was a posh boy from Surrey that wears spandex when he cycles… What?

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