Beers For Good is a meet-up for people in advertising who are interested in making a positive difference together.

Every month, we invite someone to share their experience of making a positive change in their life. We intend to share questions, challenges and discuss ways we can use our creative skills for good.

This month, we've invited Alex Lemon to talk about how she started making BISCU*TSquot;BISCU*TS") – delicious buttery shortbread stamped with creative swears.

Before BISCU*TS, Alex spent 3 grey years in finance. She buried her head in spreadsheets, buttoned down her creativity and pretended she could forge the career of The Sensible Shoulds. She couldn't, and ended up in A&E with stress-induced anaphylaxis.

By taking a long hard look at what went wrong, Alex found her way back to her creativity, her daftness and herself. Now a freelance content strategist, people no longer even suspect she was a chartered accountant – until she opens her spreadsheet of profanity.



  • Matt Weatherall

    Co-Founder of Beers For Good, Future Talent Consultant at the IPA and Founder of Ruptive.

  • Jonathan Wise

    Strategic Planner, Co-Founder of the Comms Lab and co-author of Looking Up and Reclaiming Agency.


The Betsey Trotwood

The Betsey Trotwood, 56 Farringdon Rd, London EC1R 3BL, UK

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