Berlin Map Jam: mapping the alternatives

Let's meet at the Thinkfarm Berlin to map together all the alternatives one can find in Berlin.

In the mapping jam you will:

  • learn about open and collaborative mapping
  • learn to make your own open map
  • discover new initiatives in your neighbourhod
  • connect with other like-minded Berliners
  • provide feedback on the open mapping initiative <>
  • cook together and celebrate

If you have already a list, a map or other resources that have compiled existing initiatives (community gardens, co-working spaces, self-organized cafe, werkstatt, etc.) BRING IT! We'll put all this together and point it on a map that doesn't belong to Google!

The mapping jam will be followed by a community dinner where we'll cook together. A small donation for the food will be asked.

Looking forward to mapping with you!

The Berlin Map Jam is organized by <> and <> as part of the global map jam <>

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