Better Streets, Better Places

Mike is Principal of The Street Plans Collaborative, an urban planning, design, and research-advocacy firm that strives to create high-quality public spaces, and believe that the key to reversing the harmful effects of suburban sprawl is to promote compact, walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods.

Street Plans Collaborative seek to improve the quality and function of the built environment and increase the effectiveness of multi-modal transportation as a means to creating more competitive and sustainable 21st century towns and cities.

Mike Lydon and his business partner Anthony Garcia are co-authors of the recently published book Tactical Urbanism: Short-term action for Long-term change. Tactical Urbanism is the use of short-term, low cost, and scaleable projects intended to create long-term change.

Hear him talk about his new initiative "The Street Plans Collaborative" at the latest presentation by the folks at Auckland Conversations.

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