Birthday lasertaggin' with Steve & Jenn

location WhirlyBall | 8 PM Saturday 20 June (CST)

Too close for missiles. I'm switching to guns.

<center>Come celebrate Jenn and Steven<;s birthday by losing to them in lastertag!</center> <br> <b>IMPORTANT DEETS:</b>

  • We have the laster tag arena booked at 9:00 PM, so showing up a little early is a good idea. We have the arena for an hour.
  • The arena is booked under Jenn's name.
  • The arena can hold 30 people. If we have more than 30 people we'll switch out between games.
  • Whirlyball is also a bar with food & decent beer. The bar is a liiiittle bro-y, fair warning.
  • It will cost you about $15-20 to lasertag. (You only pay this once)
  • If you don't want to lasertag, you are more than welcome to drink and hang out.
  • If you do lasertag, prepare to lose! And get extremely sweaty.

<b>If you invite your significant others, please make them RSVP too!</b> Thank you.



1825 West Webster Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

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