BIV Mini-Summit

  The Emerging Collaborative Data Economy: A Summit in Three Acts

Entrance on Prinzenstrasse 84.1. The Venue is at the Rooftop Loft

Berlin Innovation Ventures invites you to our first Summit, focused on the topic of “The Emerging Collaborative Data Economy” – one of several BIV theses. We will hear from a variety of investors, entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers, about science and technologies unlocking a new collaborative economy.
We'd love to have you there!


  • 12:00 — 13:00 Prologue. Lunch and networking

  • 13:00 — 13:10 Welcome and opening remarks on the collaborative data economy

  • 13:10 — 14:10 Act 1. From algorithms enabled by data — to data enabled by algorithms.
    How to tap into 99% of humanity’s data?
    Bruce Pon (Ocean Protocol)
    Luis Shemtov (BIV)
    Tal Perry (LightTag)

  • 14:30 — 15:50 Act 2. CollaborationTech.
    Cryptography. Economics. Data Collaboration.
    Speakers: Viktor Tron (Ethereum Foundation)
    Elad Verbin (BIV)
    Jason Cresswell (Resonance)
    Paul Kohlhaas (Linium Labs; Molecule)

  • 16:10 — 17:00 Act 3. Investors panel: how to invest in deep tech
    Perspectives from angels, VCs and LPs
    Panel Participants:
    Videesha Bockle (Signals)
    Rolf Mathies (EarlyBird)
    Philipp Moehring (AngeList)
    Elad Verbin (BIV)
    Chris Wade (Isomer)

  • 17:00 — 17:10 Parting words

  • 17:10 — 17:30 Networking

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