location Villa Ania | *30th September to 3rd October* " I'm not sure how far is too far, my lines are blurred but our intention as a group should be to get Mr Blair Stevenson ruined in Portugal! "

Right guys after much deliberation it has been decided, mostly by Blair who was super keen to go, that we travel to Albufeira in Portugal to celebrate this momentous occasion. Stag Do Villa Style

Apologies to those who are attending Mr Anscombe's wedding but unfortunately to still have appropriate weather it can't be later than this.

Looking at costs and prices this is feasible for £400 and considering that it is still high season I think that is fairly decent.

Plan of attack:

Leave Friday 30th September, late afternoon flight from Gatwick to Faro - Flight approximately £180 [as of 21st May] and return Monday 3rd on a lunchtime departure. Hopefully this will mean just the one day off for most of us who can swing getting out of work at a decent time on the Friday.

Activities - apart from the majority of the time spent drinking, the Villa has a pool table, swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and tennis court. Town is 10-15 mins away and costs have taken into account three trips to and from Old Town/The Strip or Beach for everyone with many bars, strip clubs and nightclubs available for the correct amount of debauchery. In addition the Villa owners can organise karting (indoor or outdoor), skydiving :), fishing or paintball if wanted. This can be discussed and decided on at a later date as well as the obvious hilarious outfits we can dress him in, We've got some winners!

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At this point the most important thing is numbers, to make this work we require a minimum of 12 people in addition to Ian, Blair and Myself.

Costs based on 15 persons are £281pp which includes:

  • Villa Costs + damage/security deposit
  • Transfers to and from Faro airport
  • Three trips to and from Old Town/Strip/Beach
  • English Breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning
  • BBQ Sunday afternoon
  • Approximately 160 Pints of San Miguel at the Villa

On departure we receive an £84 return each from the deposit on Villa dependant on fire damage, I’m looking at you Howard Bridgman!

Which effectively makes it £197 + flights.

This reduces as we go up in numbers, so if we hit 20 persons for example it will be £154.50 + flights.

With time scales [Villa is very busy and she is kindly holding for a few days but if a week booking comes in she will be forced to take it] and costs in mind can I please ask you to come back to me as soon as possible. If we can't get the minimum 15 people then we will look at alternative destinations but this was top of his list and looks like a giggle.

Shall we say the Thursday 26th May as a deadline for this. I will setup an online payment group so we can't get this buttoned up early doors.


Comments, concerns, ideas all welcome in discussions box below or if you need to contact us direct:

Ross: +447590256359

Ian: +447990500696


Villa Ania


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