Bohl Small Group

Bohl Small Group: Wednesday Night In-Home Bible Study

Overview & Host Info

Join us every other Wednesday for our small group's in-home gathering at Ron and Amy Bohl's home. Details below: - Address: 4899 Austin Trace, Zionsville, IN 46077 - Amy Bohl's Cell: (317) 752-2811 - Ron Bohl's Cell: (317) 225-6071

Dinner This Week: Cajun Theme

We will be having a Cajun themed dinner pitch-in this week. Examples: dirty rice, red beans and rice, jumbo, jambalaya, cornbread, low country boil, Cajun chicken drumsticks, seafood, étouffées.

Please bring a dish of your choice (but if you are unable to, please don't let that keep you from attending). Use the chat below to let us know what you are bringing!

Cajun Joke: How do you order mild-spice alligator soup? Answer: Ask for it to be made of baby alligator…so it only has a little bite to it!

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