BufferLocal South Bay: Flash Speaker Series @ Cosmic

location Design by Cosmic, Inc. | 7 PM Thursday 17 November (PST)

3 awesome speakers in just 45 minutes

Join the party at Cosmic in beautiful downtown Santa Cruz! We'll hang out for bit, then launch into a series of micro-presentations, followed with a short Q&A session.


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How Video Conquered the Internet

In 2016, 5.4 billion dollars will be spent on digital video ads. By 2020, it will be 14.5 billion. Why is this mode of advertising becoming an increasingly popular vessel for branded messaging? Because video is uniquely situated to make an emotional connection with its consumer by carefully combining three essential elements.

About David Duhl-Coughlin: David is a pretty okay guy. He graduated from UC Berkeley in Environmental Economics and Policy and promptly pursued his field of study as a casting director. In this roll, he cast commercials for clients such as Facebook, Netflix, Fitbit, and Nike. He is currently a video fellow with Upworthy where he develops stories that matter. He enjoys music by Erik Satie, Turkish coffee, and Calvin and Hobbes.


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How To Nourish a Startup

Starting a company is one of the most challenging things you'll ever do, but it shouldn't be one of the loneliest things you ever do. How do you find great getting funding in Silicon Valley and make sure your company has the support it deserves?

About Tom Page: Tom is an entrepreneur at heart, thriving at the stage of the process where new things are being discovered. This led him to co-found two companies. The first was, a "Tinder for jobs app" called Blonk, which was successfully sold in early 2016. Now he's working on a second app, Badger.


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Breathing New Life into Your Social Presence with Online Courses

Online learning is the future of education. As learning goes digital, social media can and should be leveraged to create an immersive experience. Hear from a seasoned course designer how social media can be integrated into an online learning environment to foster community-building, collaboration and engagement.

About Katie Kormanik: Katie has been designing and building online courses for more than half a decade, working with a multitude of subject-matter experts — videographers, UX/UI designers, graphic designers, and engineers — in order to bring effective courses to life.




Design by Cosmic, Inc.

115 Cooper St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, USA

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