Building games with Tkinter

location Campus North | 6 PM-8 PM Wednesday 09 August 2017 (BST)

Building games with Python's GUI library

Jonathan Alderson is a Y13 A-Level Computer Science students (just a couple of weeks away from receiving his results). Jonathan’s project revolved around using the built-in Python GUI library (Tkinter) to design a computer game.

Jonathan will take you through his project and how he dealt with some of the complexities of programming graphics using Python. The complexities include issues relating to game design such as animation, collision detection and user controls.

As well as Jonathan's talk, Ben Garside (Jonathan’s teacher) will give a short talk on the transformation of Computer Science education in schools and how Python has evolved to be the language of choice for many schools.

As always, the wonderful venue and free drinks are provided by Campus North with the incredible Pebble and Sharpe Recruitment providing pizza!


  • Ben Garside

    Computer Science teacher, CAS Master Teacher and Raspberry Pi Certified Educator. Enjoying life on the North East. All views are my own and all that


  • Sharpe Recruitment

    Finding the sharpest talent in Creative & Tech since 2009. North East Focus. National Reach. #NEJobs #UKTechJobs

  • Pebble

    Providing expert support and time-saving software to UK schools, allowing them to generate & manage income. For help & advice call us on 0845 310 1788



Campus North

Sunco House, 5 Carliol Square, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6UF, UK

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