Bye bye 2015

location CHalet Bianco, Rue Zurlinden 6 | Friday 27th November, 10pm

SO… 2015 has definitely been a year to forget, so let's forget it in style (and a little early)!

On Friday the 27th November I am proposing we all get together for a bit of an impromptu celebration at Chalet Bianco (Rue Zurlinden 6, Eaux-Vives), kicking off at around 10pm, and seeing where the night takes us! Please do confirm if you are able to come, in case I need to reserve the private space for us. Partners and friends are most welcome to join!

Chalet Bianco also serves very good food, so if you want to eat beforehand do book.

I would really love to add a bit of a bright spot to these last remaining weeks, and just enjoy some good company, so I hope you will be able to make it!

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