You Asked For It: 2015 Is Over!

Webster's Dictionary defines party as, "a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment."

Please join Cards Against Humanity for our annual New Years’ party!

This party will NOT have:

  • Humidity
  • Damp
  • Homework
  • Your Parents
  • Dental Drilling
  • Sexual healing
  • Reddit
  • Emotional difficulties
  • A live studio audience
  • Unusual textures
  • Randos
  • Swelling of the lungs

This party WILL have:

  • Sanitary wipes and hand washing stations
  • Board games
  • Quiet nooks and crannies for introverts
  • Father/son dance
  • Mother/daughter chess tournament
  • Ethics in games journalism
  • Haunted barn tours
  • Express shipping right to your door


  • Car parking is free but limited.
  • Bike parking is free and plentiful.
  • Penny rides are happening on CTA buses on NYE, and the #9 and the #73 run near our office. The #9 can take you to the Division Blue Line.

Food & Drink

We’ll have drinks (including over six flavors of LaCroix Sparkling Water) and vegan-friendly hors d'oeuvres from Pastoral will be served, and then we’ll order pizza when we get drunk. There will be games to play, and bleep bloop music by DJ Sparkletone for when the funky beat hits you and you just can't help yourself.

Party Rules

From 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, we will have sober and chill board games. You are welcome to come and quietly hang out with us as we emotionally prepare ourselves to interact with other people.

The fun, drinky party will begin at 9:00 PM. If you get here earlier than 9:00 PM, the fun will not yet be happening.

You are welcome to bring trusted friends and loved ones with you, but they must RSVP separately on this page with their email address or they won’t be able to get in the door. We'd like to keep our party intimate, so please do not share this link.

Please don’t have sex on our party.

Secret Santa

We're doing a Secret Santa again! Please fill out the form here and our Resident Party Scientist will assign you a gift recipient.

Please complete the Secret Santa form by Tuesday, December 15th.

Gifts should be as close to $25 as you can make them. Please wrap the thing and don't forget, or you will retroactively ruin Christmas.

Video Game Tournaments

  • Killer Queen. Show up with your team of five and sign up onsite.
  • Spelunky. Winner will be whoever can get furthest, with score as tiebreaker. Sign up is onsite.
  • Smash Bros. The format is TBD, but there will indeed be a smashing of brothers at this party.

Talent Show

Strap on your tap shoes and buckle on your dancin’ pants for CAH's 1st Annual New Year's Eve Talent Show. Show off your slam poetry and/or juggling to your pals and win glamorous prizes.

Participation is voluntary, but you are definitely a wiener if you don't.

Talents can be anything - just fill out this quick form to sign up for the contest.

Dark Altar 2

Once again, we will burn a Dark Altar to our current foibles, past mishaps, and future embarrassments. Resident Witch Holly Chernobyl will preside over a cleansing ritual to rid us of the spiritual schmutz and karmic goo holding us back. Please bring emotionally significant items to be burned for good fortune. Please do not bring things you do not wish to be literally burnt to ash in a ritual fire.

Please no electronics, batteries, or carcasses of any kind.





1917 N Elston Ave

1917 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60642, USA

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