Cambodia Disability Network Meeting November

Meeting will be at E&M café on street 57 in BKKI (between sts 360 and 352). You’ll recognise it by the giant bee hive out the front! Proceed to the back of the café, where there’s a quiet space they will prepare for us. As usual, lunch can be purchased from the menu (options in $4-6 range).

Map link:

One topic for discussion, via Lisa Yunker: idea-sharing meeting about recruiting and supporting foster families in caring for children with disabilities. The right to a family is one of the fundamental rights for all children, but one which is often denied children with disabilities in Cambodia. This is a topic becoming increasingly relevant for all of us who are working with children who have disabilities, as the Cambodian government has made family-based care a priority and is encouraging organizations to move toward offering family-based solutions and to demonstrate that, if they are providing residential care, they are only doing so as a placement of last resort.

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