Cassandra, Queen of the Night Presents...BLUEBEARD'S BRIDE!!!

location Google Hangouts | 7:30 PM-10:30 PM Friday 13 January 2017 (EST)

We're playing Bluebeard's Bride!

"Avast, ye guys & ghouls! It's Cassandra, Queen of the Night, with a feature presentation so frightening, you will LITERALLY shit yourself!

Can I get a swabbie over here on Aisle 5?

Anyway, Bluebeard's Bride is about…a bride?…who marries a man named Bluebeard? I think he's a pirate. Long story short, he takes her on a honeymoon voyage around the world, but it turns out his boat is haunted by his murderous ghost ex-wife. Yikes! I hope our pirate bride has a prenuptial AAARRGH-reement.

Ok, ok, I'll stop with the dumb pirate jokes before you guys make me walk the plank.

Without further ado, put on your plastic bibs, grab a handful of cheddar biscuits, and let's settle in for a three-hour tour of…BLUEBEARD'S BRIDE!!!"

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