CEMA Pre-Launch Event

location PYRO HQ, 上海武进路456 | 7 PM-10 PM Monday 07 November 2016 (CST)

Representing China's electronic music industry 代表中国电子音乐产业

PYRO音乐 is hosting an evening to bring together the influential figures of the electronic music scene in China, to discuss the launch of CEMA (China Electronic Music Association). The evening will be an informal meet and greet, with background music and some refreshments, whilst everyone gets to know each other. Key topics of the evening will be:

  • Launch of CEMA.
  • Bringing industry figures together
  • Discussing key points to help one another and the industry
  • Raising the standard of electronic music and opportunities in the territory

The event is strictly invite only, please contact Spencer Tarring to discuss if you wish to be invited.


CEMA发布 将业内人士召集起来 讨论业内人士互助以及推进电音产业的关键点 提升电子音乐标准以及产业内的机会

本次活动只限邀请参加。如果您想参加,请联系Spencer Tarring.

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