Chilling (and Climbing) in Corsica

location Marine de Sant Ambroggio | 3 PM Sunday 19 July — 11 AM Sunday 26 July (BST)

Mediterranean Summer Holiday Time

I haven't been to Corsica, but I've been told that it's one heck of a place for a holiday. It has no shortage of walking, beach(ing), climbing and general holidaying activities. Of course, a big part of this involves eating and drinking with friends. If what I'm saying rings your bells, then lemme know if you want to join, and I'll start booking some accommodation (more details below).

Accommodation: The idea is to get a house (or two) around this area in Corsica for a week. I've taken a look at various websites and found a few options. I've been looking for places at around £50 person/night. Here are three options: (;; They're all pretty amazing. The one(s) we'll rent will depend on numbers.

Travel: Air Corsica flies two direct routes from Stansted. The first is to Calvi, which is the closest to the accommodation. These flights currently cost ~£225 return with (with 23 kg luggage). The second, which Arlie and I will probably get, is to Ajaccio and costs around £200 return (with 23 kg luggage).

Ajaccio is located about a 3.5-hour drive from the accommodation. The reason I'll do this is because we'll probably fly in a week before we get into the house. There are lots of things to do in Corsica and we plan to wander/drive around a bit.

More generally, we'll have to hire cars. A quick look at rental suggests we can probably get hire cars for £4 person/day for non-climbers and £7 for climbers (big cars for pads are expensive!).

Food: As we'll get a big house with outdoor dining areas, I think it would be best if we shared food costs. We could assign groups of people to cook each night. As most people will be doing things during the day, we could even share costs for packed lunches or just leave everyone to their own thing. We can sort these details later.

Things to do: The house will be located very close to bouldering. Depending on the house, some areas will be only a 20 min walk away. There is also more adventurous sport climbing in the mountains (about an hour drive). TheCrag lists lots of climbing but doesn't really have any detail. I plan to order two climbing books shortly, one on bouldering and the other on roped climbing.

We'll have a 4.5-mile beach at our doorstep and Corsica is famous for its hiking. The area also has a rich history, including a medieval citadel, and little artistic hamlets are dotted around too. I bought a pdf guide of the island from Lonely Planet. Lemme know if you want to see it (I try to support travel writers so please don't share it widely!).

Adventures before we take the house: Arlie and I are currently thinking we might walk a few days of the GR20, commonly known as the best hike in Europe. The route starts close to where we'll be staying.

Vague Deadline: This holiday will be in July. To avoid extortionate prices, I'm aiming to book accommodation and flights in mid-March. If you haven't made your mind up by then, you can still decide to come, and I'm happy to help with things, but you'll have to do the legwork.


Marine de Sant Ambroggio

Marine de Sant Ambroggio, Lumio, France

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