Christina's Bachelorette Weekend

location Savannah | Friday 26 October — Sunday 28 October 2018 (EDT)

You're Invited!

Hey everyone! Please RSVP here if you are able to make it to Christina's bachelorette weekend in Savannah, GA! Below are some more details about the weekend, travel, what we're doing, etc. If you have questions/comments you can post below or feel free to email or text me.

  • Julia Phillips
  • 954-608-8191 |

If you're flying: If you plan on flying the two closest airports to fly into are the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (SAV) and Jacksonville International Airport (JAX).

The Jacksonville airport is about two hours from Savannah. You'll need to either rent a car or carpool with Christina from Jacksonville to Savannah. If you're flying into the Savannah airport on Friday, I can pick you up! Once we are in downtown Savannah, we won't need cars.

If it is easier for you to fly in on Thursday night or to fly out on Monday, let me know. You are welcome to stay at my house either night, which is 10 minutes from the Savannah airport.

You are also welcome to fly in on Saturday, but might need to Uber to downtown Savannah to meet up with us.

Where We're Staying: We will be staying in a house or hotel in downtown Savannah. Depending on the total number of people attending, I'm estimating the price per person will be $100 - $150 per person, for both nights.

What We'll Be Up To: I know everyone is traveling to be here for the weekend and will be traveling in a few months for the wedding, so I am trying to keep our activities and dining options budget friendly! Below is a rough itinerary:


  • Drinks at Peregrin
  • Dinner at Hitch ($9 - $28)
  • Ghost Tour ($20)
  • Drinks and snacks at Churchill's or at the house/hotel

Saturday: - Brunch ($9 - $15) - Yoga ($10) - tentatively planned - Walking around downtown and RiverStreet - Lunch/Snack at Cotton Sail Rooftop Bar or Tubby's - Bike/Drink Tour ($26) - Nap time/free time/game time/drink time at the hotel/house - Dinner at Little Duck Diner ($10 - $20) - Bar Hopping - Savannah Smiles ($5 cover usually)

Sunday: - Coffee - Brunch/Bubbly Picnic in Forsyth Park ($10) - Sightseeing and walking around

Other: $10 for supplies/gift for Christina from all of us

I included general prices for activities and food. Savannah also doesn't have an open container law. So you can bring to-go cups and drinks with you while walking around!

Christina doesn't want matching outfits, so no real dress code. Just keep in mind that Savannah in late October is anywhere from in the 50s at night to 70s/80s during the day. Historic Savannah is also all cobblestone and uneven sidewalks, so heels are not the best. Boots and flats are the way to go.

Hope to see you all in October!



Savannah, GA, USA

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