Clojure for Pythonistas

location Campus North | 6 PM-8 PM Thursday 15 February 2018 (GMT)

Something Similar, Something Different

February sees Rowan's long-awaited return to Python North East with Clojure for Pythonistas. For those that missed January's meet-up, never fear for we have rescheduled to February!

Clojure is a dynamic, practical modern Lisp with an emphasis on functional programming using immutable data by default. It has built-in language level constructs for concurrency and parallelism. Like Python, it is a general-purpose language but that is hosted on the JVM, CLR or JavaScript runtimes. Clojure aims to reduce the incidental complexity of the program itself by allowing the programmer to compose programs from simple building blocks while helping them to solve messy, real-world problems.

In this talk, we will take a whirlwind tour of the Clojure programming by comparing and contrasting with Python. Hopefully, you will come away with a taste for travel beyond Python-land, and take away some ideas that might improve your Python programs :)

Important Note To avoid risking upsetting everyone's partners, we've moved this month's event to Thursday 15th February at the usual time and place: 6pm Campus North.





Campus North

Sunco House, 5 Carliol Square, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6UF, UK

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