Co-working Peru 2017

location Lima Region | March/April 2017

Come put the "remote" in your remote working

In the new year, I'm inviting you to come down to get your own digital nomad on and enjoy a long weekend Treking Machu Pichu in Peru, while experiencing the cuisine and culture Peru's capital city has to offer - all with just 2 days of holiday time out of your calendar, and without costing the earth. As an added bonus, you can grab some face-time or work with your team mates in addition to sharing a wonderful experience.

The idea is pretty simple

  1. Grab a cheap overnight flight to/from Lima (typically about 600 bucks return from Miami)
  2. Share an Air Bnb apartment in the pretty Miraflores district of Lima, shared between a few guys and girls to keep the price down
  3. Co-work from a professional co-working office space during the daytime
  4. Enjoy the world-class dining/sights/Cultural experiences of Lima at night
  5. Take a long weekend (i.e. Friday and Monday as holiday) to head over to Cusco and visit Machu Pichu, which was voted the top landmark in the world by TripAdvisor in 2016.

For those who wanted to expand their stay a bit longer (i.e. those without young kids), there is plenty more on offer in Lima and beyond, and the cost of living down here is way cheaper than in the USA/Europe. We can get into that in due course ;)

Do we need a guide?

I hope not for Lima. I've personally been to Machu Pichu twice, have lived in the heart of Miraflores for several years, and speak pretty good Spanish, so I should be able to help smooth over any gringo bumps. As for Machu Pichu, that will be an organized trek from a reputable company, with guides and activities included.

Is it going to cost me serious bank?

Probably not - airB'nB apartment sharing will cut down the price considerably and the finest restaurants here (which are some of the finest on the planet) are way cheaper than they are in USA/Europe. A guided trek over a couple of days is probably a few hundred bucks. All in, I think you could have a splendid time for less than 2k, or less if you shoe-string it - and remember, that's including some of the best dining in the world, and visiting Machu Pichu.

Next steps

Let's start getting an idea of who wants to come and when, and start generating some ideas/plans over the coming months. We can use slack to communicate/coordinate.


Lima Region

Lima Region, Peru

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