Cole’s Bachelor Weekend 

location Ledge Road | Thursday 18 July — Sunday 21 July 2019 (EDT)

He’s been there for us for years, now it’s time for us to show him the love back. Or just get him really drunk.

Let’s celebrate Ben’s pending nuptials like we know he wants us to.

Seriously. That basically means let's get really drunk. We will.

Here's the house we rented:

I'll be bringing up the RV that can sleep 2-3 in it as well, we might also need someone on a cot/couch/airmattress for Friday night, I think that might be the busiest night.

We've rented a pontoon boat for Friday and Saturday, it only holds 10 people so we'll have to share unless we find any other boats. I'll pick up a keg on the way up, and bring up food and other booze as well.

The plan is $200pp capped. Will include the house/boat/food/booze and prob entertainment as well.


Ledge Road

Ledge Rd, Beaver Cove, ME 04441, USA

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