Come and Celebrate Our First Year

location Fairly Square | 7 PM-9 PM Thursday 30 July 2015 (GMT)

Early August 2014, SocialStarters was born, out an Airbnb apartment in Nairobi. This was where we registeredSS as a business - I left Anna to the complicated questions whilst I finalised our pitch to present to VSO at the end of the week.

Which we never in a million years imagined we would win. We were in it for the experience of shaping what something could look like. But as a result of getting awarded the funding - and thanks to two very risk-taking young women (Mel & Jen), we've been able to collaborate, learn and design new futures with around 50 social entrepreneurs now from Kenya, Sri Lanka, India and Brazil - as well as take around 60 something international volunteers on this journey with us: all people wanting to improve the lives of others, as well as find a new path of their own.

When we first set this up, we were wondering how we might find the right people to join our programmes. But in fact what has happened is something quite special.. We have had the most amazing, talented, fun, passionate, dedicated, caring and interesting volunteers from around the world join us on this journey. We have been beyond lucky. They ARE SocialStarters.

And we can't even begin to thank the great partners who have facilitated and supported our journey - UnLtd India, the British Council, Eixo Rio, Oi!Kabum, The Agencia & of course, VSO.

We have also had support from some unfathomable advisors in the last year, who have given us valuable advice and encouragement. Without them, we might have made a few wrong turns.

A massive thank you is also needed for the support and commitment of our ever growing international volunteer management team. It feels like we're now part of a family.

So we'd like to say thank you! Just something small and intimate with the people who have helped us get here, supported and come on the journey with us - vested in our vision for a world that looks slightly different from the current one.



Fairly Square

51 Red Lion Street, London WC1R 4PF, United Kingdom

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