Common Knowledge - Show and Tell

location Newspeak House | 7 PM Friday 15 March (BST)

We want to share what we've learnt

Common Knowledge is a newly founded non profit tech workers cooperative with a mission to support and build infrastructure for grassroots political and community organising.

Join us for an evening debrief and workshop. We’ll be presenting the work done in the last two weeks, the third sprint of work. Then we’ll be putting this in the context of the last six months of the project and deciding next steps.

Since October, we've been designing and testing our first product, a political organising and community capacity building platform. This work is aimed squarely at boosting the levels of autonomous organising in the progressive space and grassroots movements, activating a largely passive activist population and decentralising and devolving key community resources currently held by large institutional actors.

March 15th will mark the end of our third sprint. We'd like to invite you down, have a few drinks with us and share in our work and learnings. We've interviewed over 70 activists and organisers across London as part of this project so far and are currently testing a range of assumptions we've developed from those conversations - that's a lot of juicy learnings.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks will be provided.

The event will be split between a presentation and discussion of our work and a short breakout and group feedback session.

Find out more about Common Knowledge here:

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