Commons Platform Design Workshop

A 2-day workshop to design the Commons Platform.

A two-day worshop-o-rama creating every aspect of the look and feel of our first iteration website to make it a space that works for everyone; somewhere accessible, welcoming and open, and safe and secure where the conditions for real collaboration can put down some roots.

Day 1 will focus on the design and community identity aspects. We’ll be looking at these with respect to our value system in order to create the kind of space that we’ve managed to embody in the workshops; one which is accessible, safe and relaxed, where all voices can be heard and where we can really create the conditions for trust, creativity and collaboration.

Day 2 will focus more on the minimum functionality requirements of our basic Platform so that we can migrate from Facebook and begin to build the Commons Platform in earnest.

*Directions: the venue is IN the park just inside the gate nearest to Finsbury Park tube. It's a small building on the left.

*Please arrive at 945 for a 10 am start on either day.* We’ll aim to finish at 5 on the Saturday and 4 on the Sunday. If anyone wants to hang out at the Park View Cafe with us for a beer or food after we finish on the Saturday, well that’d be great!

The weather looks to be warm so we’re thinking either bring food for a picnic in the park for lunch, or there is a Tesco and sandwich bars just round the corner so you could get food when you’re here…… THere’s a microwave in the building so you can heat stuff if you want. Bring snacks if you’re snacky! We’ll bring tea and coffee and stuff and some crisps and biscuits……

We’ll be needing as many laptops as possible so that there’s at least one per breakout group and because people not in the UK will be Skyping or Zooming in at various times so if you have one it would be super-helpful if you could bring it! On which note if anyone feels technically accomplished enough to help us by taking control of the calls-in that would also be a massive help. Let us know…….

If anyone wants to think about themes or images that would help with a mood-board then you can post stuff here:

I will add a link to the provisional outline of each day just as soon as I finish it or when my brain explodes whichever comes first.

Thanks all! I’m looking forward to it. Cos it will be good but also because then the pain behind my eyes will stop!

hugs and that!

**** For those calling in from around the world, use this link to join us in the Commons Platform Jitsi Room. We'll try to look out for you but if there's no-one there then WhatsApp on +447971083767 and we'll try our best to get you in!**** Here's some links if you want to re-familiarise yourself with the overall project before you show up:


Furtherfield Commons

269-271 Seven Sisters Rd, Harringay, London N4 2DE, UK

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