Commons Platform Social Meet 4

location The Canonbury Tavern | 6 PM-11 PM Sunday 23 September 2018 (BST)

A social meet-up for anyone involved in the Commons Platform on the anniversary of our first workshop.

Well cover me in eggs and flour and bake me for 40 minutes!!! It’s been near a whole year since our first workshop facilitated by Andy Paice and hosted by Respace in the Hive. The workshop where we came up with the Commons Platform name and kicked around the initial ideas until our feet hurt and experimented with the ways of working thing and learned some great early lessons about what works and what don’t work. And where Sophie Varlow set up this FB group in a fit of urgency ; a fit which continues to this day and has now become a transnational phenomenon observable from space by the US military…..And then we had a couple of jars in Dukes afterwards!

So we’re going to celebrate that by reviving the Social Meets (which we’ve been a bit slack with lately, having got a bit serious minded) commencing on the said anniversary with a meet up in the Canonbury Tavern in Islington. TBH we prefer our spiritual home the Myd, round the corner but in terms of physical accessibility the CT is much better and if the weather hasn’t gone south (lit.& met.) by then, it has, like, a major garden. So we’ll at least kick off there so that anyone who wants to come won’t have any unnecessary obstacles to deal with.

Please come. There are so many of you now it would be cool to meet you all and mix you all together in a kinda Cool People Soup. And then add some conversational and creative flavouring. And then stirring until there’s the scent of new ideas floating tantalisingly in the air. And then I will be dragged out of the kitchen and punched for straining metaphors absolutely beyond all conceivable rational limits……..

So come and bring your big smiling faces and large mammal brains and that, and help us raise a glass to the past AND the future. See you there! Xxxx


The Canonbury Tavern

21 Canonbury Pl, London N1 2NS, UK

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