Commons Platform Social Meet 5.5.2

An evening of re-connecting, meeting new people and chewing the fat about things Commons. Plus optional inebriation and, possibly, fun.

So we haven't done a social event (or, indeed, an antisocial event) for quite some moons so I thought we'd try and get the Commons-owned ball rolling again by getting as many of you together for an informal thing as soon as we can. No agenda. Just a chance to kick ideas around in a parabolic arc over the course of the evening, thusly: arrival, initial buzz of warmth on greeting; - zero drinks; awkward and stilted conversation; - two-three drinks; splendid interaction and brilliant and inspiring ideas; - more than three drinks; hilarity, fun, connection and ideas that seem brilliant but in the cold light of day will be revealed for the utter gibberish that they are; - midnight; amusing but increasingly tiresome nonsense, failed attempts to elucidate simple but utterly flawed concepts, carriages and/or feet.

So there you have it. It'd be great to see you all. One of the things I'll be doing will be talking to y'all about what activities you might want to get concretely involved in as we start to move forward again over the coming weeks, but there's no obligation there; we don't do coercion, manipulation or passive-aggressive sullen silences so don't feel like you're gonna get signed up for something you don't want! But if you do want it'd be good to use some of the time as a launch pad for us to get a good group of you co-operating on various aspects of forthcoming activity. And use the rest of the time to jabber and drink enthusiastically.

I know pubs don't work for everyone and if someone wants to help sort out a social event that isn't pub based soon I'm up for that but this time I went for the line of least resistance because it's been a while and my imagination has atrophied. Don't let it put you off. Apparently there's some cheese-related event in the front of the pub early evening so you could binge on cheese instead! If you don't drink and you're vegan I can only apologise at this point!

Hope as many of you as possible who are within geographical reach will come because we love you all and also because it'll be fun. Probably! And maybe me and Sophie will sing. We can do California Dreaming pretty well with me doing the high harmonies over her bassy rumble, for the general amusement of the population. So if you're very unlucky………….

any road……..

See y'all soon! xxxxx

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