Commons Platform Values, Aims and Tech

location Space4 | 6 PM-9 PM Monday 09 April 2018 (GMT)

Identifying Tech to support the Values and Aims of the Commons Platform

In the run-up to the Global Sprint/Hackathon on 10th and 11th of May where we will be designing/prototyping the first release of the social network, we are looking at the technologies that support our values and aims.

How do we embed those values into all of the technologies we use? What infrastructure will the software rest on to support those aims?

IF YOU ARE CALLING IN TO THE MEETING PLEASE USE THIS LINK: . Although we are meeting at 6 you might find people are arriving,milling around saying hello for a bit before we get started… ;)

For those of you who are not familiar with the Commons Platform, have a look at this Outline document for an overview: and here is a document outlining our values, vision, mission, aims etc:

Current events with notable social media platforms are making people more aware of the need to be independent of advertising and 'attention economy', and private & secure so that even the most vulnerable people can be safe using the platform wherever they are and whatever their marginalised identities, for people to own their own data, and for the whole platform to be commons-owned and not centralised.

Topics to discuss are decentralised Web hosting, privacy and security, interoperability with existing platforms/software/tools that we are collaborating with, and alternative distributed ledger technologies to Blockchain and scalability.

We hope to end the meeting with a clearer picture of the technologies we will be using, how they support the values and aims and how they can scale, as well as identifying groups of people to work on the next steps

Space4 have very kindly offered us a space for the evening. It is very close to Finsbury Park Station on the Victoria Line. When you get to 149 Fonthill Road press the Space4 buzzer. It is not wheelchair accessible as it is on the first floor so I will keep looking for an accessible space and update as necessary. Please do let me know of any accessibility needs and we will accomodate you in whatever way we can. We will also arrange for people to be able to call in remotely from wherever you are in the world. A link will be provided here.

Looking forward to seeing you there!



149 Fonthill Rd, London N4 3HF, UK

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