Computation Club: Physically Based Rendering, Reflections and Beyond

We're trying to write a ray tracer and are using the 'Physically Based Rendering' book as a guide - but we're mostly doing our own thing.

This will be our fourth meeting on this topic. Last time we added lighting to our ray tracer that can be seen here. This meeting, we're going to try to add reflections.

In the book, this is explained in chapter 8, but we might try and intuit our own implementation, rather than follow the book too closely.

The 'Ray Tracing in One Weekend' book is also useful to refer to.

This is our first ever meeting at TRX, located at Somerset House. This meeting is hosted by Elena. Enter the West Wing reception and Elena will greet you. Drop a message on Slack if no one is there.

If you have any questions at all, please join us on Slack

Any and all are welcome (especially if you've never attended before) and please remember that all attendees are asked to abide by our code of conduct.

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