CrisisCamp Algiers: Hacking 4 Gaza

location Alger | 9 AM-6 PM Saturday 09 August 2014 (SST)

Coding to support people in Gaza

The critical situation the people of Gaza endure at the moment has led people from across the planet to seek ways of helping. Some people join demonstration or donate money while others share articles on facebook. We, as developers/hackers, think there is something more we can do!

We believe there is no limit to technology, by teaming up we will contribute in a positive way impacting the lives of thousands of people.

This one-day event revolves around three main themes:

  • Building emergency relief solutions that could be used on the ground by Palestinians and/or NGOs and emergency units.
  • Facilitating dialogue between all parties offline and online
  • Raising awareness globally and informing citizens and policy-makers

Example Hacks

  • A Crisis map of Palestine and Israel territory
  • Annotating press articles in order to provide unbiased access to information
  • Helping with organizing community translations
  • Designing an infographics to covey critical information


  • 09:00 Welcome address + overview of the situation in Gaza
  • 10:00 Presentations of the ideas + Forming teams
  • 11:00 Hacking starts
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 18:00 Hacking ends and demos
  • 18:30 Drinks and networking

Although this event is mainly for developers, we encourage artists, designers, videographers, meme creators…to join. Your talent, skills and ideas are all welcome!

If you feel concerned by the situation, if you feel what we feel and would love to contribute in a meaningful way, please don’t hesitate to join us on Saturday 9th at gallerie artissimo, rue didouche mourad :)

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Alger, Algérie

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