Crowdfunding 101 & Pitching (im)perfection

location Innov8HQ, 123 Vogel St, Dunedin, 9016, New Zealand | 17 April 2019 @ 5:30pm

Come along to learn how to run a crowdfunding campaign & pitch yourself.

This interactive 60-minute session will run through the basics of crowdfunding and pitching. By the end of the session, you will have run through:

  • Crowdfunding 101 - what it is, examples, what works well, and common mistakes
  • How do you activate your crowd? This includes mapping out your immediate crowd, validating they want to pledge, going further than your immediate circles, and figuring out the best ways to communicate with them.
  • How do you get started? We’ll give you some clear next steps to take to prepare your campaign for launch.
  • How to pitch - Pitching (Im)perfection - How you pitch clients depends on many different factors: experience, what stage your business is at, skill-sets, team culture, and service delivery style, to name a few. Conquer the world of pitching with this talk by Rebecca Twemlow, who walks through the steps of how to craft a foolproof pitch and tell your story.
  • Q&A - any further questions you might have

ATTENDEES: Who is it for? This session is for anyone thinking about running a crowdfunding campaign (equity, project or lend), and wants to specifically focus on their pitch.

FORMAT: How will the session run? This session will go for 60 minutes and will be part presentation and part Q&A. You will come away with clear next steps and an understanding of how to run your campaign.

SPEAKER: ANNA GUENTHER | Co-founder & Chief Bubble Blower @ PledgeMe Anna co-founded PledgeMe 7 years ago as part of her Masters of Entrepreneurship through the University of Otago. Since launching, over 1,400 campaigns have successfully funded and over $30 million has been processed through the platform. PledgeMe was the first (equal) licenced platform to provide equity crowdfunding in New Zealand, and Anna moved to Australia late 2017 when the legislation changed to allow equity crowdfunding. She's back in Dunedin for Easter with her family, and would love to share some insights and tips on how to run a successful equity crowdfunding campaign.

SPEAKER & HOST: BEX TWEMLOW | Co-founder @ Firebrand Starting, building and growing New Zealand businesses with the 13 strong team headquartered in Dunedin is the key driver for Bex Twemlow and all of the businesses, organisations, events and community programmes she is involved in. Bex is the owner of Firebrand - Design, Web and Marketing, co-founder and director of Hail - Create. Curate. Communicate, vice-president of the Otago Chamber of Commerce, advisor and creative agency for GetHomeSafe, eComplus and Youth Employment Success as well as over 200 other client accounts across NZ.

She is a valued speaker in tech, marketing and startup circles and speaks authentically to Building Businesses from Dunedin, Creating Diverse and Far Reaching Networks and The Art of Pitching Imperfection.

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