Crowdfunding for Social Enterprises

location Central London, London WC2N, UK | June or July 2015

Get the scoop on ‪#‎crowdfunding‬ with Ben & Jerry's

We were planning a meetup on crowdfunding on 28 July 2015 but discovered there is one already on that date so would encourage you all to attend that:

Get the scoop on ‪#‎crowdfunding‬ with Ben & Jerry’s on Tuesday 28th July 5.30pm - 8pm.

This year Ben & Jerry’s trained, funded and publicised 10 social entrepreneurs across Europe to crowdfund. Over some ice cream, at this event you can find out what happened and discuss what the lesson are for social enterprises, organisations who support social enterprises, crowdfunding platforms and companies like Ben & Jerry’s.

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Central London, London WC2N, UK

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