CryptoCLASS 2.01

location Mozilla | 6:30 PM-9 PM Thursday 03 July 2014 (GMT)

Free Crypto you can run at home.

CryptoClass is back for another night of learning and sharing knowledge. This is a 2.01 class, we'll be doing breakout sessions on secure email (PGP), advanced use of TrueCrypt, and more exploring the safe ways to use the TOR browser (and Tails).

Limited to about 20-30 people this time.


  • Saronimo

    Developing stories, analysing scripts for DreamWolf films, reveiwing London, writing short stories and comedy, eating Vietnamese.

  • Simon Vans-Colina

    I remember when the internet meant running slip over telnet. Now i do DevOps freelance.


  • Mozilla

    We're a global community dedicated to making the web better and more open for all. Join us to imagine, build & teach the web's future.



Floor 3, 101 St Martin's Ln, London, United Kingdom

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