CultureGeek DrinksThing at Southbank Centre

location Topolski Gallery and Bar SE1 8XU | 6:30 PM Tuesday 16 June (BST)

CultureGeek DrinksThing with Southbank Centre

As part of CultureGeek conference, June DrinksThing will be held at the Topolski Gallery and Bar. We have an area reserved from 6.30pm, so come join us for a drink and chat.

CultureGeek is taking place at Southbank Centre on June 17th. See See to register and for more information.

THIS JUST IN Southbank has arranged for TWO tours (7pm & 7:45pm) of the Royal Festival Hall. The tours are limited to 15 places each and will be done on the first come, first serve basis.

Over the last year, we’ve had people attend Drinks Thing from all kinds of jobs: publishing, animation, digital, tech, start up, museums, heritage, science and more. This is an event for anyone that wants to meet with interesting people in London.

We can’t wait to see you! Mar (@mardixon) & Will (@w_stanley)


  • Culture Geek

    Culture Geek is a one-day conference that brings together leading organisations from around the world to share how they are using digital media.

  • Southbank Centre

    21 acres of creative space along the Thames river, including Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall & @HaywardGallery.


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