First DAppathon in Berlin

  • Come and build Decentralised Applications with our mentors from Userfeeds in the Amatus Office @ Ackerstrasse 29, 10115, Berlin.

  • Availability: Developers/Hackers/Coders

  • Prizes for the Top 3 DApps selected by our judges.

  • Judges representatives from: Parity Technologies, State of the DApps, ICO Force, UserFeeds.

  • Mentoring by Userfeeds Team during the Hackathon:

  • Userfeeds develops a relevance layer for the Web 3.0 stack that enables information discovery, ranking and filtering for token-based communities.

  • The first Mainnet application is the LinkExchange which is a DApp distribution network that allows DApp developers to incentivise publishers to promote their DApps.

  • Userfeeds API that power LinkExchange will be available to hackathon teams. The API enables ranking of links that were paid with tokens sent to a specific address. There will be more token-based ranking and curation APIs available that are currently in the works.

  • The Userfeeds team will be mentoring on-site helping team with smart contract and web3 related questions. They will be also able to assists with Userfeeds API integrations.

  • Certain restrictions will be given, build a DApp, build something new, build something we are not used to see. Build the shit out of your creativity!

  • Food and Beverages on site. Just bring your snacks.

  • Location: Amatus Office @ Ackerstrasse 29, 10115, Berlin.

  • Judges representatives from: Parity Technologies, State of the DApps, Cantena Capital, more to be announced soon.

  • Technical consulting, ICO building advising, multiple resources will be available for building and scaling your DApp, ICOs.

  • Sponsors: ICO Force, Userfeeds, Ethereum Network.




Ackerstraße 29

Ackerstraße 29, 10115 Berlin, Germany

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