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During a trip to the Peruvian Amazon, Eduardo was in touch with the people responsible for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as dengue and malaria. Despite the vast amount of detailed data collected on their epidemiology, their scarcity of resources would not allow them to process it. This is unfortunately beyond the capacity of the institutes; therefore, it is impossible to take data driven decisions to maximize the effect of their preventive actions. Eduardo, collected those databases with the goal to bring them to Berlin, for then gathering a group of passionate data scientists to help with the analysis, so actionable conclusions can be drawn.

With the permission of the medical facilities, these databases have been shared with us in Berlin, so we can conduct a deep analysis on the disease-causing mechanisms, and the most effective actions to be taken as a result. These databases contain anonymous data which will be used for scientific and global good purposes only.

Dataset 1: epidemiological information about the region
Dataset 2: historical preventive actions 


Crunch, merge, mix, cross, visualize, and predict those datasets together with other available information, so we can send back to Peru conclusions that will lead to maximize the effectiveness of their preventive actions.


An incredible and fun experience
Renowned coaches to learn from
Creating a positive contribution to solve REAL problems
Spend 48 hours with highly motivated, knowledgeable and purpose driven people.
Food, drinks, fast internet, and everything will be provided

This is not another hackathon. We created this “Sleepover” format because we want to create a different, deeper, and richer experience. This will be a friendly, collaborative, warm, meaningful, and fun event: make sure you register and invite your data science friends!

Are you experienced with data? Cleaning, visualization, web scraping, predictions? Do you want to use your knowledge to make a difference?


Global diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, and diarrhea kill millions in developing countries, although they are easily cured if caught early. AI Scope is a smart microscope that diagnoses global diseases wherever you are without the need of trained medical staff. It uses machine learning, it is open source, DIY, and not-for-profit.




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